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Let's start with the Future Proofing Assessment

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Acquiring a Digital Mindset - Stage 1: the What

You first need to know where you are to plan and execute any change.

This is the initial and arguably most important part of our work with the target company in any digital mindset transformation work. With this assessment report, we provide a snapshot of the entire business when it comes to current digitalisation across all assets, processes and people.

Step 1: Review of digitalisation potential for assets & processes

We review the entire inventory of the tangible and intangible assets and processes of the business highlighting any interoperability challenges. This requires detailed conversations and observations with all the business owners of the departments with a focus on current and potential digitalisation areas.

Step 2: Review of adaptability for people including leadership

Digitalisation starts and ends with the people who develop and execute the strategies and ensure the Digital Mindset is ingrained in the company’s DNA. Any mindset shift requires adaptability of the workforce beginning with leadership. We apply scientifically backed methods (partnering with 3rd parties on an ongoing basis) to gauge the adaptability skills of the staff without undermining the value of relationship building and psychological approach.

Step 3: Benchmark Analysis

We analyse the impact of digitalisation in terms of uplift in comparison to the current state of the company and share with the leadership team. This step could take into account enterprise solution integrations such as cloud computing as well as small enterprise partnerships via solutions offered by successful startups.

Most importantly, we work alongside the appointed business and management consultants as part of the same team, who run the business valuation and financial assessments of the company at all stages, during the production of the assessment report so nothing is out of sync.

Once the assessment is complete, the next step is to integrate the Mindset for Transformation.

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