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A good idea can be ruined by bad bedfellows

Talent you’re going to choose to work with matters above all else. There’s no superhero founder, that’s a myth. We tend to think they’re...

The Solution

Don’t build an app. Create a solution, then use technology to scale it. Justin Kan, American internet entrepreneur & Co-founder of Twitch...

The Problem

One of the biggest pitfalls most entrepreneurs fall into is that they create a product or find a ‘solution’ without actually identifying...

20 Questions Every Investor Asks

Is your idea a vitamin or a painkiller? Where did the idea come from in the first place, what problem are you trying to solve exactly?...

The Battle for the Casual Creator

There is only one metric that really matters for a UGC platform: the growth of its casual creator base. YouTube, Instagram and others have b

Digital Mindset for Growth Capital

The Digital Mindset is not constrained within distressed assets and can also enhance growth capital. Here's how.

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