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How to integrate Digital Mindset for Transformation

Acquiring a Digital Mindset - Stage 2: the How

At this stage, we create the Digital Mindset strategy including processes and people development needs, including training, mentoring and hiring, ascertained during the assessment phase. If you haven't read about the first stage yet, please head over to the Future Proofing Assessment page where you can find more.

Step 1: Digital Mindset strategy development

We go through the digital gaps based on the assessment report and run a comprehensive research for digitalisation opportunities and solutions. ‘The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts’, which we believe is the main difference between digital transformation and digital mindset. So while we take the ‘frog’s view’ in gap analysis and individual solutions, we always keep a bird eye's view to see the connecting parts and the impact on the entire business. The outcome of this step is the blueprint of what a completely integrated digitalisation mind map looks like for the business at hand.

Step 2: Agreement of all stakeholders

Not always its size but the paradigm changing nature of this undertaking requires a complete buy-in by all stakeholders from top to bottom in the company. We stay at this stage as long as it takes to make sure that everyone understands the vision, the end result and what they’re trying to achieve clearly without a doubt in their mind. Most importantly, this is where we also try to identify existing leadership within the company who can lead some of these plans.

Step 3: Activation planning

We outline each and every activation step of the strategy with clear milestones, deliverables and assigned responsibilities. This is where the project management expertise kicks in.

Step 4: People training

All transformation efforts surface skills gaps to be able to operate in the new setting with new tools, software and processes. Digital mindset transformation is no different. We help the HR department outline all training needs for the personnel based on these gaps. This is even more important in the age of machine learning as the majority of jobs that are done by people will be overtaken by software, which will lead to skills upgrade for the workforce, optimistically towards a more intellectually challenging work environment.

Step 5: Management coaching

Companies are made up of people with their entire selves that they bring to the workplace. Even the most adaptable amongst them do need guidance to understand what is asked of them, how they can thrive in the new and excitingly challenging environment and most importantly how they can continue to lead the never ending evolution of their Digital Mindset. We provide specific training for leadership and management teams so that they're fully equipped to carry on the torch to new hires for years to come.

The next and final step is to execute these plans and establish a transformation supervisory board to empower leads and provide accountability.

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