We help entrepreneurs and investors navigate their challenges


No Superheroes

No founder is perfect. We are here to plug in and optimise where you fall short. Together, we are bigger than the sum of our parts.

Strapped for Time

Investors don’t have the time to monitor or provide advice to their startups as regularly as they'd like. Let us take the burden.

Unique Roadmaps

Every growth path is distinct. Let us help you navigate yours including finding the right investors, advisors and co-founders at the right time.


We don't just advise. We partner with you.

Entrepreneur Services

We got your back; we create the roadmap you need at every stage of your development - from product adoption to geo-expansion, when to invest in digital marketing, which skills your team needs, when the right timing is for VC funding & more.

Investor Services

We help you analyse your portfolio, manage and communicate with your entrepreneurs and offer them solutions on growth strategies, leadership and management skills, business modelling, financial health and operational excellence.


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