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Investment Analyst SaaS

Speed up your analysis process with our AI-based tools. 

Focus your time & money on the right opportunities.

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Our Platform

Whether you’re an individual investor or a deal analyst at a VC, analysis takes time and requires expertise in a wide range of fields. 

Let us speed up your analysis process with our AI-based tools, so you can focus on: 

  • making the right decisions for your investment 

  • picking better bets 

  • adding value to your existing portfolio

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Startup Room

Deal Flow Manager

Organise inbound, outbound & shared deal flow - all the way to investment

Inbound and outbound deal flow should be managed separately, but you shouldn't miss any inbound opportunities either.  

We help you accept and invite funding requests on a single platform and manage them, so you don’t miss any valuable deals in the future. 

All you have to do is search, filter and take action. And yes, this includes all pitch decks you've received.

AI-based Company Analysis Report

Get the full picture with an objective & comprehensive report

Our AI-based system allows us to run objective and independent analysis of your deals with a comprehensive focus on competition and landscape.

Armed with our report, you can see the real market map for your leads & ask the right questions to founders.

We will make sure you are prepared.

Reviewing Reports at Desk
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Are you a startup?

Is your pitch deck well researched? Do you cover all aspects of your market and competitive landscape?

You usually only get one chance with an investor. Make sure you have your best foot forward with an independent & objective review of your business' opportunity.

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We can serve you with an holistic understanding because...

Startup Expertise

From our work with entrepreneurs, we understand how startups innovate and grow. Our aim is to liberate this digital and competitive knowhow which is trapped in the startup ecosystem, to be of service to both new and experienced tech investors.

Tech Investor Expertise

Thanks to our founder team’s background, we understand how to transform traditional finance mindset to an approach required by tech investment. We are your guide in understanding the markets you’re investing in and picking better opportunities.

Global Digital Expertise

With 20 years of combined experience at Google, we know how a global company operates and stays relevant. From platforms to mobile; partnerships to media, digital has always been our native language.

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