We are business model architects

Upgrade your business with state of the art technology solutions for measurable impact

Hybrid Business Canvas

The sum is greater than the parts

Companies are in a rush to digitise themselves for future relevance and success, usually only achieving piecemeal transformations with short-term effects. 

We believe that startups, with their digital first knowhow, can be better leveraged to help these companies innovate their existing business models and even construct opportunities for added revenue.

We are the architects who design this hybrid structure, helping you capture new growth opportunities, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and future proof your business in an increasingly digital world.

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Our Services

Our business model design process applies from micro to macro scenarios.

See what we can do for you.

Writing on Glass

For Entrepreneurs

Matching you with the right enterprises as part of innovative business model upgrades, adding credibility to your sales narrative

Startup Room

For Companies & Investors

Upgrading your business model and architecting new models to future proof your business & maximise enterprise value for your investors

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For Government Agencies

Designing the right business support, grant & investment promotion schemes for sustainable future growth & competitiveness


Our Process

Customised to your needs


Given your priority problems, we identify areas of improvement in your business model that can be upgraded with technology solutions


We select the right combination of startups from our enterprise ecosystem that are fit for purpose for an innovative solution

Supervised Execution

We plan the execution strategy and assist the operating team to ensure seamless integration

Executive Advisory

We imbue senior leadership with the digital mindset necessary to internalise our process and provide ongoing advisory, if necessary, to future proof your business

We can serve you with an holistic understanding because...

Startup Expertise

From our work with entrepreneurs, we understand how startups innovate, grow and become profitable. Our aim is to liberate this digital knowhow which is trapped in the startup ecosystem, to be of service in more traditional sectors.

Tech Investor Expertise

Thanks to our founder team’s background, we understand how to transform traditional finance mindset to an approach required by tech investment. We can be your guide in your own transformation journey.

Global Digital Expertise

With 20 years of combined experience at Google, we know how a global company operates and stays relevant. From platforms to mobile; partnerships to media, digital has always been our native language.

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