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Your Startup Analysis

Make your pitch deck stand out 

Is your pitch deck well researched? Do you cover all aspects of your market and competitive landscape?​

Are you worried that your product / service may not be easy to digest or understood by the investors?

Investors don’t need to be experts in your field, or they may not have the necessary knowhow as they're sector agnostic.

Writing on Glass
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Why get an independent analysis?

You usually only get one chance with an investor. Make sure you have your best foot forward with our independent & objective review of your business' opportunity.

Get Discovered

It's hard for startups to get the attention of investors. When you order a company analysis with us, we will suggest your startup to applicable investors on our platform.

Gain Credibility

Having an independent & objective look into your startup will help your narrative with investors, showing them your market and competitive landscape were prepared by a 3rd party.

Be Prepared

Our report will highlight the strong and weak areas of your business so you can be prepared. Adjust your business plan, go-to-market strategy and more with our advice so your pitch is the best it can be.

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