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Designing the right business support, grant & investment promotion schemes for sustainable future growth & competitiveness

Governmental funding and investment schemes need to ramp up two specific approaches to ensure their economies are future proof amidst rapid digitalisation. 

  • The digital first startup ecosystem needs to be supported with specific measures to attract and retrain the right talent, encourage innovation and investment. In addition, governments need to understand the business models and growth strategies of big tech better in order to help build the next truly global enterprises in their countries.  

  • On the other hand, traditional businesses and service industries that represent the majority of GDP for most countries need incentives and direction to become hybrid companies that marry digital technology with their conventional business acumen.

From support scheme development and decision making models to ongoing advisory, we help governments at local and national levels to create appropriate investment programs for a digital native future.

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We can serve you with an holistic understanding because...

Startup Expertise

From our work with entrepreneurs, we understand how startups innovate, grow and become profitable. Our aim is to liberate this digital knowhow which is trapped in the startup ecosystem, to be of service in more traditional sectors.

Tech Investor Expertise

Thanks to our founder team’s background, we understand how to transform traditional finance mindset to an approach required by tech investment. We can be your guide in your own transformation journey.

Global Digital Expertise

With 20 years of combined experience at Google, we know how a global company operates and stays relevant. From platforms to mobile; partnerships to media, digital has always been our native language.

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