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A good idea can be ruined by bad bedfellows

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Talent you’re going to choose to work with matters above all else. There’s no superhero founder, that’s a myth. We tend to think they’re superheroes because we hear more about success stories in the news and they’re always polished.

It’s always a team effort, including employees, strategic partners, and investors, who all play a crucial role to success.

The earlier you think about what talents you will need in developing your idea, the higher your chance of success. You’re one of those talents; understanding yourself, your skills, what you lack, what you excel at in an objective manner is crucial.

Then, start with yourself;

  • Have you founded a business before?: Like all other questions, there’s no judgment here, it only checks if you’ve walked this walk before and learned from your experience, be it a success or failure.

  • Your experience in the startup ecosystem; as an investor, in an accelerator, as an advisor: you may have been part of the startup ecosystem and played a different role in that previous life. Every experience adds up to your success and gives you a different perspective.

  • Your experience in the problem field you’re planning to solve for: Are you able to develop the solution directly based on your own expertise or do you need to hire that talent?

And think about the people you want to work with; make a list, write down their skills and why you have chosen them. Try to be objective, we know it’s easier said than done, but it’s important. You will want to trust your co-founders but trust shouldn’t cloud your judgment when it comes to competence.

The journey to a successful business is not a walk in the park, it has many ups and downs and asks for a significant time and wealth commitment. We are founders ourselves and work with dozens of founders everyday, so we clearly understand the path you will go through.

With this in mind, we didn’t want to just write an article on these questions but wanted to actually help you by preparing a simple and free assessment tool in which you can see all these questions and keep a record of it.

If you want to go further than a record but receive our advice based on your answers, you’ll be able to do so once you complete your free assessment.

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