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Services for Companies & Investors

From companies to their investors, from private equity to angel investors, we help in transforming your business model and architecting new models to future proof your business & maximise enterprise value.

Digital Mindset Transformation for Growth Capital

Growth strategies need to include the impact of rapid digitalisation to maximise enterprise value and future proof your investment for a successful exit.

From the assessment report to the integration strategy & execution stages,  we help you transform your investment in a digital native way by ensuring a mindset shift across the company - its assets, processes and people.

Technology Investment Insights & Consultancy

Private funds should expand  their strategy to explore tech startups to improve their long term multiples.

We help you acquire the necessary expertise to start investing in the tech world.

Portfolio Services for Angel Investors

There’s an opportunity cost of not approaching your investments through a portfolio management lens. We help you transition to that mindset by helping you analyse your portfolio towards sustained growth and expert communication with your entrepreneurs while decreasing the risk of failure.

For Companies & Investors: Services

We can serve you with an holistic understanding because...

Startup Expertise

From our work with entrepreneurs, we understand how startups innovate, grow and become profitable. Our aim is to liberate this digital knowhow which is trapped in the startup ecosystem, to be of service in more traditional sectors.

Tech Investor Expertise

Thanks to our founder team’s background, we understand how to transform traditional finance mindset to an approach required by tech investment. We can be your guide in your own transformation journey.

Global Digital Expertise

With 20 years of combined experience at Google, we know how a global company operates and stays relevant. From platforms to mobile; partnerships to media, digital has always been our native language.

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